Uses for Swing Top Bottles

Home Brewing
Glass swing top bottles have increased in popularity for their many uses and versatility. Traditionally, swing top bottles have been used for home brewing due to their ability to withstand carbonation. They feature an airtight rubber gasket seal that is secured by a metal bracket. This allows your home brew to stay fresh and carbonated. Swing top bottles are available in a various sizes and colors giving you several options for your project. Our swing top bottle are available in individual and multiple packs.

Swing top bottles are used in restaurants across Europe as an economical and stylish way to store, chill, and serve tap water. The glass bottles are an eco-friendly way to store, chill, and severe beverages. They are durable enough for the service industry and stylish enough for Europe's top restaurants.

Food and Beverage Storage
Store your favorite beverages including water, fresh squeezed juices, wine and ice tea for a festive table presentation. You can also use your swing top bottles as an eco friendly way to store olive oils and vinegars from the co-op.

Flavored Olive Oil
It's easy to blend and create your own herb infused olive oils with swing top bottles. Simply fill your bottle with your favorite olive oil and add dried herbs such as rosemary or basil! (Do not use fresh herbs) Perfect for cooking with or using as dipping oils with your favorite french bread. Makes a fantastic gift!

Gifts and Home Decor
Swing top bottles make unique gifts with one of their several uses. Try filling the bottle with water and displaying a single rose or flower. For a twist on the classic wine bottle candle, use a swing top bottle. Partially fill the bottles with sand an insert a taper candle. A group of these makes a wonderful centerpiece.

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